Welcome to our Heaven
The gardens filled with blooms
The rainbow ever present
So constantly it looms

All us joined together
In fields of love we share
Butterflies are flying
With wings upon a prayer

Soft the dew of crystal
Upon our little paws
Grass that we can roll in
Place where love is sure

God and all His Angels
They watch us run and play
Each of us so grateful
For love we have today

Upon the earth our bounty
In everyone who cared
But up here in God's heaven
Our vision now is shared

We see you from a distance
We feel the love you've shown
Constant is God's blessing
On loved ones we have known

So think of us with glory
Within this rainbow's bliss
Each hug we feel so reverent
No better peace than this

Each day in life you gave us
It meant so much you see
For love as it was written
Was given constantly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 17, 2003


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Midi Entitled "Do You Dream Of Me" by Michael W. Smith

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