Our very special Dante

His love was always there

A bounty of such blessings

With all our heart to share

His love was always present

No matter what the day

His heart so dear and perfect

In every special way

He gave to us the beauty

Of happiness sublime

His legacy is written

Throughout our life and time

The years we shared were happy

He gave us all he could

Although the time was shortened

The love was understood

For we were given blessings

In every single day

That Dante shared with laughter

The gentle giant's way

He gave to us a blessing

With every minute shared

His love was never ending

No loyalty compared

Softly as he left us

He gave to us his light

That shines forever with us

With glory and delight

We shall not forget him

Nor wonder if he's fine

His gift in life was greater

His Rainbow Life Divine

And so we whisper softly

As day and evening shares

The glory of his memory

We gathered everywhere

Dante gave us beauty

With thoughts we cannot measure

Memories that always stay

Are always there as treasures.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright November 27, 2006

Words From Dante's Mommy

Dante was such a special cat, weighing in at 27 pounds

and almost 4 feet tall not counting his fluffy tail.

I miss his tear drops under his eyes and his little pink nose.

 I have never seen another Maine Coon that looks like Dante.


Dennis, my husband brought Dante home in a box for me. Dante

 fit in Dennis's hand, but he grew very quickly into our big guy.

When my Mom would call me  on the phone, she would

tell "Dante, go get Mommy" and he did just that.

Dante had a gentle little cry for such a huge cat.


 When we put him down, our Vet cried with my husband and I.  

He has been a Vet for 30 years but he said Dante touched his heart.


This Halloween was awful for me. We didn't know Dante was famous.

At least five different children asked for Dante.

This one little girl about five years old dressed as a cat to look like Dante,

with the teardrops under her eyes and his pink nose. When I told this

little girl Dante died, she just cried and told her Mom she

wanted to go home. Dante loved the Halloween trick or treat children

 and would greet them by the door. Dante never went outside.


He loved kids and people. Dante even said his prayers with his brother

CC and me his Mommy. Dante would put his paws in praying form

and we would say the prayer, " Now I lay me down to sleep" I wish I got movie

pictures of that. Dante would stay until we were done our prayers.

Thank you for letting me share talking about my very Gentle Giant.

Love, Linda


If you would like to offer condolences for the loss of Dante

You can write Linda here.



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