Time in life goes swiftly
So young and full of life
His love for me so tender
My love for him delight

He filled me up with laughter
He brought joy to my day
My Magic was my answer
To chase my blues away

So blessed I was to have him
To share our special love
Now he's in an special place
My Magic is above

Running now and playing
In fields of pure delight
Rainbows now he's chasing
With everlasting light

Each day in life I'll miss him
But know he's safe for sure
In Kitty Rainbow Heaven
With other precious paws



Rewards in special rainbows

Each little ones now share

Always chasing colors

No black and white up there

Grass so soft will welcome

Hills of flowers bright

Shady place to while away

In beauty of God's sight



Thank you for the beauty

You brought into my day

My Magic's now in Heaven

His Halo on display..


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 17, 2003

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Midi Entitled "Every Night" by ©Bruce DeBoer

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