Those times I will remember

When you were by my side

Through life and tears and sorrow

Your love you gave with pride

Each day in life a journey

With you right next to me

These moments I will treasure

With love and dignity

My heart is filled with yearning

To be with you each day

But always feel your spirit

It never fades away

You gave me so much pleasure

Through hard times I was blest

I knew that you stood by me

My Loyal Heart now rests

For when my life is over

I know that you'll be there

With love and all those cuddles

Our days in life we'll share

So know that you are with me

Through every moment shared

Your paw prints now upon my heart

By how you showed you cared

Words in life can't measure

The joy you gave to me

You'll always are remembered

With love you gave so free

So feel the gentle grass now

And rest beside a stream

You have reached God's heaven

With life that is serene.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright February 15, 2004


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