Each floral gift a sweet bouquet
With gentle thoughts of love to stay
Held so closely to each heart
Gift of nature's precious art

Fragrance carried on a breeze
Windswept beauty to appease
Gentleness of heart to show
Love on earth an endless flow

Friendships you can build upon
Life with dreams to carry on
Always treasure brand new day
Peace and joy to come your way

Step with ease on nature's land
Feel the beauty now expand
Love and peace a gentle flow
Flowers gathered always glow

Brought to you with love this day
Such beauty never fades away
Keep in step with life's design
Tenderness with love align

Capture life's eternal bliss
Gracious gift of happiness
Precious treasures love's bouquet
Each one of us life's gentle spray.

~ Francine Pucillo

©Copyright February 5, 2002

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