Soft and tiny hands and feet
Face of beauty so complete
Gift of life we'll come to know
Joyous gift for hearts below

From the heavens to the land
Baby with an entrance grand
Family gathered all around
Little one with love abounds

Faces filled with joy and peace
Life in circle gently meet
All so proud now come to share
Innocence with beauty rare

Each one gives a special touch
Little one will know so much
Life on earth will start this day
Love and kindness comes this way

Union of the very best
Little child within arms rest
Feeling love with special care
Little heart is so aware

Love is felt with so much grace
Glowing now with love embrace
Child will grow with heart aligned
All this love has been entwined.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright March 6, 2002

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Midi entitled "For The Children"

by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.

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