From the beginning
I only saw you
Face of contentment
Love that was true

Bask in this splendor
Waves crash above
Touch all the beauty
Of this certain love

You are now with me
With each gentle roar
The ocean has captured
As love casts ashore

Filled with the passion
That only you give
Waves of contentment
In thoughts now we live

Time now moves slowly
But oceans do rise
Passion does greet you
I gaze in your eyes

Each day of my life
As I glow in this sight
My mind is in reverie
I kiss you each night

Memories gathered
Life now restores
Sand shore and stars
They now are all yours

Nights never lonely
I see you are there
Whisper my name
My heart you will share.


Francine Pucillo

©Copyright 2000



Midi entitled "Mist On The Water" by  ©David Folsom


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