Come with me come share retreat
With paths of love that always meet
Gentle echoes will now repeat
Memories that are so complete

Within this house so bountiful
Where life has filled the halls
Watch the glow of shadows
Dancing softly on the walls

Youth has left me oh so swift
My spirit child she still exists
Walking on the garden path
This velvet peace forever lasts

Take me to the morning mist
When every soulful heart has kissed
Imagine life without this bliss
Perfect love I would have missed

Dance with me in twirling light
As I watch my rainbow bright
Walking now within this sight
The magic of my heart's delight

Wing across the sky for me
Fill my heart with ecstasy
Fly on fly on wing to see
Visions of what used to be

Touching you from gentle place
Heart and soul will fill the space
Patterns of the finest lace
Cleave to souls who will embrace

Take this garden path to know
The meaning of my childhood glow
Meet me on this path to see
Bridge of life's sweet destiny.


Francine Pucillo

©Copyright 2000

Midi by ©Margi Harrell, Entitled "Keeper Of The Stars"

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