Road in life is there for you
Take the path and walk right through
Mountains line the perfect sky
Cottage for your dreams stands by

Light you see will beckon you
Soft the calm that enters too
In this place all warmed with love
Beauty that your hearts speaks of

Reach the place where you're reborn
All gentle colors soft and warm
Glow within the heart increase
Burdens leave with gentle peace

Gift in life such gentle hush
Canvas touched by pallet's brush
Stroke of artist masterpiece
Each step we take a gentle peace

Reach the door that's opened wide
Across the threshold you reside
Within the glow of every day
Your sorrows now will fade away

So cool the breeze within the night
You look upon the soul's delight
Today you own this special place
Tomorrow's life you will embrace.

Francine Pucillo
©Copyright 2002


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