~ Heart's Path ~

This path will lead you to my door
With heart so plain to see
Welcome strangers to my soul
Your spirit blends with me

I offer you a way to peace
To show you that I care
My heart is always open
There's always room to share

Please feel free to enter
I hold my arms out wide
Give to you the love you seek
Keep you locked inside

I choose to give you comfort
I reach for those in pain
Your heart my sweetest treasure
Each chamber etched with names

No greatest gift is offered
Than what my heart receives
The gift of friendship's beauty
The peace that love now weaves

All souls on special journey
Reaching for bright light
Know the joy that's given
When hearts of gold unite.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright 2000

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The midi is Secret Kisses ęBruce DeBoer