So far away but yet so near

Words so sacred that we hear
Missing us with all their hearts
Tears begin as each day starts
Through all the days a moments rest
With every word we feel so blest
No matter what the time of day
Our hearts are bound a special way
Praying for a safe return
Every day our hearts do yearn
To hold our child and give them rest
Yet thank them for our country's best
Throughout the years a treasure chest
Of words that make us happiest
With hope for all our new tomorrow's
By courage given through the hours
We hold you in our thoughts and prayers
Our hearts and thoughts so filled with fears
Yet we know that freedom's living
For all the sacrifices you are giving
Flags unfurled in so much glory
For every written soldier's story
Words we keep will always be
The courage throughout history.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 7, 2004


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