Image of soldiers depicts Cpl. Nathan Benson,
G company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines, 3rd Platoon
On the road to Baghdad with other Marines



Fiercely loyal soldiers
With honor brave and true
Marching into battle
Their hearts belong to you

Each one of them our hero
Who answers country's call
All the brave and mighty
These heroes never fall

For they are born of freedom
And always take a stance
Go forward into battle
Without a second glance

Each one of them an icon
That lives on endlessly
For courage born of freedom
Brings honor constantly

No matter what the distance
They're never far away
Within the hearts of many
Their spirits never stray

So proud we are to call them
Our daughters and our sons
Who serve their country loyally
Until their jobs are done

Marching on with the courage
That comes from deep within
We shall not forget them
That's how it's always been

For others who have joined us
To help us in this cause
We shall not forget you
And so now let us pause

Saluting them with honor
We raise our flags so high
See the colors flying
Hear their battle cry

For they are all the bounty
That freedom's glory made
The voices of the voiceless
Brave Hearts that beat unswayed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 27, 2003

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