You walk the path of heroes
That leave your mark on earth
With gratitude and glory
We know in life your worth

Within the clouds of beauty
On rainbows glorious bend
You meet upon the colors
With beauty that transcends

For colors worn of patriots
That help their fellowman
Are painted in the sky above
By glory of God's Hands

Above the great horizon
As Angels form a guard
In honor of your sacrifice
You're held in high regard

Your life you gave in earnest
For Freedom's quest to fight
Oppression of God's children
No matter what the plight

And there beyond the rainbow
The stars are shining bright
With diamonds that are perfect
Each one God lights tonight

For you have died for freedom
Because of country's call
Each one of you a soldier
Whose name we shall recall

And so we look to heaven
To see the special light
That each of you created
The ones that shine so bright

Saluting you with honor
For sacrifices made
Our stars that beam in heaven
The glow of God's brigade.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 2003


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