In Memory of Those We Loved and Lost
September 11, 2001 ~ September 11, 2013
Twelfth Anniversary

Each year in life we've gathered
To honor those we've lost
To hear the bell that's ringing
With each name at great cost

We hold each hand with reverence
With sacrifice aware
We look up towards the heavens
With love's devoted prayer

We ask Our Lord to help us
To get through every day
For memories we gather
Shall never fade away

Our time on earth continues
Your picture on our walls
A tribute to our heroes
As tears in life will fall

Each whisper in the breezes
Creates a symphony
Captured in each joyous note
Of life's sweet harmony

Locked in our hearts

Our love and deep pride

Your smile and your laughter

Lives deep inside.

Francine Pucillo
┬ęCopyright September 5, 2013



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