With every thought within our life
With every path we cross
We look to see the special light
Which never will be lost

We hold you close within our heart
We keep you safe and warm
Your memories like gathered rain
Is gentle through life's storm

It's you that gave us all we seek
In life as it goes by
For us you were the courage
That in each day won't die

Within the light we see your glow
The sparkle bright and clear
Your names forever capture dreams
That keep you always near

And yes we are remembering
The years since you are gone
But light the way for your return
With glow of each new dawn

We see the beauty that is there
In every waking day
Remembrances of special hearts
That never fade away

Life will hold a sparkling light
That glows within love's path
Knowing that we capture this
With memories that last

And we shall see you in the light
That glows within the sky
That clings to every part of life
Whenever you pass by.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 2010




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