For those we lost they do remain
In soft sweet winds of hearts in pain
That fill our souls with treasures saved
For all in life that each one gave

The years have come and they will go
We see the clock it ticks so slow
Remembering the days of past
The times in life that always last

Remember me within a place
The joy of life that you embrace
A glint that's captured in the eye
The love that's held within a sigh

Remember me in times of woe
In all the times when life will flow
Like winds of storms that find a place
To dance on winds of gentle grace

Remember me when sky is blue
Remember me I'm part of you
That gathers in life's memory
And fills the heart with reveries

Within our mind that empty chair
That's always there with love to share
Reminding those of all of who gave
So we cherish all those saved

I look up to the sky and see
The heroes who were meant to be
Looking down upon us showing
The love they gave is always glowing

So gather up the love we measure
In every distant thing we treasure
Captured in the joy that's giving
In every moment we are living.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
┬ęCopyright September 11, 2011



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Grand Lake~Tim Janis
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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