I see your face before me
Reflections that will be
Forever in the heart of love
That lives on reverently

That day in life ~ that moment
That took your soul away
You left us with your spirit
That carries us each day

Those walks in special places
That fill our hearts with ease
Are treasures of the beauty
That captures softest breeze

I sit within the silence
I'm lost within your glow
Where love and new tomorrows
Are treasures we all know

It fills my heart with promise
These moments of our times
Grateful for the memories
That fills the soul in rhyme

Take my hand and lead me
To places we have been
I feel your touch your beauty
Come back to me again

The years in life will gather
Like waves upon the shore
Leaving both our footprints
As we walk with you once more

Like the stillness of the moment
That has that special peace
We know that you are with us
As wind and whispers meet.

 Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 7, 2012




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Cecil Hardings In The Stillness of the Dawn
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