You were to me a breath of Spring
The special joy of everything
My heart it always skipped a beat
Each day in life that love repeats
Our love in life was never ending
Filled with joy and gentle blendings
Of all that made our days we shared
As special as life's morning prayers
That day in May that we first met
I knew that we would be so blessed
To share a life where love and caring
Would be the path that we were sharing
Now that you have left me here
My thoughts of you are very clear
You always will be by my side
Forever fill me up with pride
You are the joy that I remember
The love we shared was oh so tender
You'll always be a part of me
With love and for eternity
Your chair on earth is empty here
But in my heart the love sincere
I carry you within my heart
My sweetest love we'll never part.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 23, 2007



Viola Amodio was born in Hackensack Hospital in Hackensack, New Jersey on December 06,1948,

 I met her eighteen years later in at Hackensack High school, she was in an art class with my

sister Kathy. Kathy said hello to me and I replied back. Viola said who's that?  Kathy said that's

 Charlie my Brother. Vi said I'm gonna marry him, and sure enough we eloped July 13 1969

 for Salisbury, Maryland while I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia in the United States Navy

 and she became Viola Redstone. I was Discharged in August of 69 and soon went into

construction in New York city with my Father, one night I went to Vi's house and for some

unknown reason then I took a copy of the wedding certificate, well a few minutes into being there

 I knew I needed it, I asked Vi's father to Marry Vi and he said I couldn't and I said you can't

 stop Me and he walked towards me and I threw the license down on the kitchen table,

he flipped and so did Vi's mother. We had to get Married again in a catholic church

 in June of 1970. In, 1978 I took the test to become a Police officer in my Town and after taking

and failing the test twice before I wasn't to optimistic about getting the job, well low and behold I

 came out number 4 and with four kids a new home, it was the craziest decision

I would ever make but I took the job. We had to sell the house and move in with Vi's parents,

 I turned the attic into four bedrooms and a bathroom, and the parents used the back rooms

 and the basement, every good Italian family utilized the basement for a

kitchen slash dining room. Not once did Viola complain and after a few years she went to

Work at Hackensack University Medical center in the Social Services Department, and soon

became the manager of the department, Vi treated everyone the same, she always had time for

you and still get her job done, and she made sure when she got home there would be a hot meal

waiting for the kids and me. I worked 13 years of midnights as a cop and I worked construction

 during the day in order to survive and not once did Vi complain, what time we had together

 was quality and I managed to take her on three cruises and several trips to the Caribbean,

Mexico, and a few nice long motorcycle trips. Vi loved to ride the Harley with me, after

work when I'd be off, or on weekends we'd always be found cruising.


In, 2002 I retired from the Police two years earlier than planned and we went to Florida

 for a small trip, we visited her girlfriend in a small east coast town of Sebastian, Florida.

 Well Allie took us to a model home and when we walked in, I said I'm home.

 I bought that model type home and a piece of property to go with it, we moved into our new home

 in 2003, bought VIola all new furniture, a new car and she said to me "You're Forgiven."


We Loved the weather and then one day it got cloudy, July 04 2005

Vi was diagnosed with full blown lung cancer, we were devastated to say the least

and Chemo was started immediately. Well after three months the Doctor said it wasn't

working and she gave Vi 14 months to live, we went north for a second opinion and that's when

 we found Dr Harper from Hackensack University Medical center, after some tests

he determined that Vi had Colon cancer and treatment was started again immediately, after three

months with Vi in and out of the Hospital the results were in, Vi had cancer now in her liver,

Doc gave her two months. I took my Girl home to my sons House and we had a Hospital

bed set up with oxygen, and I had enough supplies to take care of my Baby in style.


Day and night I stayed in a recliner next to my Girl right up until the day she passed away,

Feb 28, 2007. The Funeral was handled by a very close friend of the families, and the turnout

of both Flowers and People told You of the Love and Respect for Viola, over 75 flower sprays

were delivered, and over 350 people came to pay their respects to one heck of a Caring,

and Giving, and Loving Woman my Wife, my Love, my Life.

 I Love her so and I Miss her more than anything.





The above words were written by Charlie and who else can best express their loss than

the man who was so devoted and loved his wife so very much.


I wish the family of Vi my sincerest condolences. I know how difficult it is to lose one

that holds your heart and family together. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


The song playing on this page is the song that Vi and Charlie loved. As he said,

"without a doubt" our favorite song is by the Wanderers

"There Is No Greater Love"


All the best to you and yours,




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