Daddy can you hear us
Daddy can you see
All the love we have for you
Will last eternally
We miss you so and love you
We'll never let you go
Your heart is always with us
It has a gentle glow
We think about you always
The way you held us near
Growing up was easy
It was great to have you here
We never will forget you
For each and every day
Our hearts are one together
In a very special way
Each memory we treasure
As all in life goes on
You will live forever
To build our dreams upon
We know that you are with us
With soft and gentle flow
Like butterflies you kiss us
As breezes come and go
Rhapsodies of beauty
From very gentle wings
That is what you bring us
With love that always clings
Time in life we measure
It never will be broken
For you are with us always
Our hearts for you have spoken.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 10, 2005

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This page done with love, for a friend of my nephew Donnie, who

lost her Dad to cancer at a very young age. Donnie and Sammy have

been friends since they were little. Their friendship grows with each

new day. It was a difficult time for all the family during this very

sad time.. Donnie and Sammy spoke often and they each

in some way comforted each other.


Sadly, after Sam's Dad died Donnie's Mom got ill and they

had to go through the same process but at the time Donnie

was not aware that his Mom had cancer. Both his Mom and

Dad decided not to tell the children. Realizing that it would

save them the pain and agony of knowing. Of course hoping

that treatments for Donnie's Mom would be successful.


For Donnie his Mother's passing was only three days after he

and his sister Kaity were told that their Mother was not

going to live. It was a massive stroke that prevented

my niece from being able to fix that.


Sammy was very supportive to Donnie and they each

once again comforted each other. So this page is in memory

of  Thomas Muller who left this life way too early, but

left a legacy of love and caring for his children and

those he loved to remember and treasure.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I want to

personally thank "Sammy" for being there for Donnie.


Friendships like this have a special bond and in the

future I am sure that Sammy and Donnie will always be

the very best of friends. I am grateful for this.


Thank you Sammy

Love Donnie's Aunt "Fran"




Midi Entitled "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlyle

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