Each day in life I think of you

Of dreams you had and plans I knew

My heart is with you every day

No memory can fade away

Treasured memories from the past

Each footprint that will always last

Smiles and laughter I can hear

For me they are always near

Gentle moments fill the heart

Moments that will never part

Your special smile and softest touch

The very things I loved so much

As time in life goes on and on

I know that love does rest upon

Moments that your love came through

Within each day the life I knew

Feel the love that's always lasting

That rises up with joy surpassing

All that you have given me

Within my heart I always see

Wings that span across the sky

A special rainbow from on high

There amongst the softest breeze

Your spirit lives with greatest ease

Flying high in heaven's blest

With God and love and happiness

That is what a Mother knows

Within a heart where love now flows

For you are one with heaven's light

That shines forever in God's sight

Fly now with the peace you share

My Angel's heart is always here.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 5, 2006


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Midi Entitled "Rain Forest"

by Sujin Wonglakorn, Thailand

Obtained by Moose Midis

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