Years we spent together
They'll always seem too few
But all those moments sacred
For your heart was brave and true
A moment spent in passing
With love that's in our souls
A treasure we will measure
Enriches all your goals
For us you were the beauty
That lingers through the years
The glory of meaning
That never disappears
For love it is unending
On every road we roam
Your heart a sweet remembrance
Of love we'll always own
You live within our spirits
You guide us through your love
A most enchanting message
You send from up above
We feel your love beside us
It helps to find the way
You are within our presence
That never fades away
The words that you have written
The smiles that we shall see
The words in life you uttered
We hear them reverently
Words you in life you've spoken
While you were in your fight
They live on for us daily
We know that you're alright.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 1, 2004

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Marty Gray Williams, 26 years old died on
October 7, at 7:44 from a long and difficult
battle with cancer. He was an only child.
Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, he fought
a brave battle to live but in the end he was
unable to continue his fight.

He loved to fish and the picture above shows
the last time that he went fishing and his
big catch. He was a wonderful son and a friend
to many. He will be missed by all but remembered
for his wonderful spirit and beautiful heart.

He has a special saying "It Will Be Alright" those are
the words that were placed on his grave marker.

I want to take this time to offer my sincere condolences
to the family and friends of this wonderful courageous
heart. If you would like to contact his parents you can
click on the e mail at

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