Through life my sweet companion

My heart my love my all

A sister who gave beauty

The joy that I recall

I miss you and I loved you

Through every waking day

The heart of life you showed me

Will never fade away

Years we spent together

The memories I recall

For you were like the butterfly

The beauty of it all

Tears in life are gathered

So soft the mist and balm

That fills the heart with beauty

That lingers here upon

With memories I've gathered

That last forevermore

For life for me a gift you gave

Has filled my heart with awe

I never shall forget you

We live with treasures shared

You are with me always

In every whispered prayer.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 13, 2006


Madeleine lost her battle with cancer on March 10, 2004 but leaves

a legacy of love and caring with her sister who adored her and loved

her like no other. Denise took care of Madeleine for 20 years after her

parents died and shared a wonderful relationship. Madeleine was Denise's only

sibling and so I know that she must be missing her very much. It is so hard

to lose those who we have come to depend upon in life for unconditional love,

which Madeleine always gave so unselfishly.


Madeleine loved animals and in particular her dog Buffy. She was kind and

thoughtful and caring and was loved by all who met her.

If you would like to offer you condolences to Denise, please click link below


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Midi Entitled "Peace"

Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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