Each day a sweet remembrance
Of what you truly mean
The joy of love that lends itself
To memories we glean
Upon a day that passes by
Upon a breeze that flows
You always live within the heart
Where dreams may come and go
Each day in life we think of you
With love within our hearts
Knowing that you're always there
You'll always have a part
Time in life it still goes on
As seasons come and go
Yet each breath in life you gave
It has the worth we know
So much we gather from your love
So much we'll always treasure
Holding you within our thoughts
Are things in life we measure
Thank you for the gifts you gave
Like velvet of the rose
We feel the softness of our love
With memories we hold.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 17, 2007

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"Thoughts About My Grandma"

Words written by Michelle


My grandma to me was like a Mom, my friend.

She left behind Great Grandchildren  Brandon, Sky, Kyle and Benny, and Hilary.

She also had Grandchildren Michelle,Laurie, James, Jason,Daryl, Tina.

She had two daughters Lois, and Edna.


She loved to spend time with her great grand kids

have pizza watch television go shopping.

She was a very beautiful woman for her age always taken

very good care of herself and was there for our family

any time we needed her. She passed away so suddenly

she had liver cancer and I had the honor to be with her when she

took her journey home to Heaven. Not a day goes by

that I don't see something or smell a scent

that makes me think of her. I had a long time with her but still I wanted more

I guess you are never really ready to let someone you love go. She also loved flowers.




The words above are feelings expressed by Lou's grandchild.

I know that there are no words to express the feeling of loss

that we go through each time we lose someone who we love with

all our heart. I think that she expressed that beautifully.


We wish her family peace, love and feeling the love of their

beloved Mom, Grandma and friend to always be there for them

when they need her spirit to go on.


Thank you.

Francine Pucillo





Midi Entitled "Dream Of Me" By Michael W. Smith

Obtained from Jeshua's Ministry

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