Years of struggle and of pain
With much in life endured
Our hearts are joined in unison
For your love now assured
For all the roads in life you paved
Each straight and narrow path
Your goal of loving everyone
Life's bounty now will last
Your gentle heart and giving ways
Are things in life acquired
But now an Angel in the sky
Your beauty is inspired
All those who have loved you so
They think of you each day
Look up to the sky and see
The rainbow you display
A special Angel walks with you
To comfort you each day
Knowing that your life on earth
Has brought God's love to stay
With all of those who loved you
Your heart was pure as gold
A moment of your happiness
Is treasure that they hold
Today you walk in peace of God
An Angel by your side
Comforting in many ways
Feeling so much pride
With gardens to surround you
With butterflies that fly
Giving you the joyous love
That fills the heaven's sky
Always we'll remember you
With love that is unending
A mother's heart is always there
With messages she's sending
Looking down in special way
As each day you will be
Touched by love in special way
This now your legacy
Heart is filled with peacefulness
As she watches from above
Blessing those she left on earth
Her wings are wrapped in love
Yes we will remember you
Through days that come and go
We gently whisper your sweet name
Lorraine we loved you so.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 2, 2004



This page done at the request of Lorraine's dear friend
who asked me to do a special page for a very
special lady. Her Road in life was difficult and
she suffered many sorrows. But her heart was
filled with goodness and happiness and she was
brave for each tomorrow.  Lorraine passed away after
being diagnosed with cervical cancer and died
eight weeks after her diagnosis, at the age of forty.
 She left four children behind ranging in ages
from 12 to 20. Her 12 year old was born on the day
that her Mother passed, I am sure that this little one will
have to live with that forever, but she should know that
her birthday was on the day her Mom became an angel.
Her beloved friend asked me to do a memorial
page in Memory of Lorraine, for me it was a
privilege and honor to do this. I know that when
we lose someone we love to this dreaded disease
that the hopelessness of it makes our hearts so sad.
To Lorraine's children I say that she is always with you.
She lives on in your memories and in the little things
in life that meant so much to her. You can see her
however you wish to see her in your mind, she will
always be young and she will always be beautiful.
Please know that you are all in our thoughts and
prayers in the loss of this most precious life.
Love Francine
To contact Lorraine's friend Ann Marie
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Midi "I Will Remember You" By Amy Grant

Obtained from "Find Midis"




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