The days we had so sacred

So filled with blessings shared

The moments that I treasured

In life can't be compared

I'll hold you close forever

Within my heart you'll stay

Grateful that I met you

Remembering that day

You were so very special

The one made me smile

You brought to me the laughter

That echoes all this while

So sweet and kind and loving

So filled with so much grace

I always shall remember

The smile upon your face

So filled with life's expressions

That filled my heart with glee

You raised me up like sunshine

You meant the world to me

These days in life I'm lonely

Longing for your touch

Knowing that you see that

I loved you very much

Our life it had great meaning

In hours of our past

I find inside the promise

That love shall always last

The golden key now precious

That locks you deep inside

With love that's never ending

I know you're by my side

As years in life turn golden

As seasons come and go

Our hearts are joined together

Within life's special flow

You walk beside me daily

I feel your spirit soar

I know that you are with me

And we will meet once more.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

İCopyright November 12, 2007

Lee lost his battle with cancer in 2005, and Patty his beloved

friend misses him constantly. They truly had a special and loving

relationship and Patty keeps his memory alive the best way

that she can, through the love that she felt for him in a

very giving and special way.


You can visit a special site where Patty expresses herself

I think that you will find how special their relationship

truly was. We know how difficult it is to lose someone

who you care for so deeply. Our hearts go out to Patty

and all of Lee's family members. May they always feel his

 presence in their life through the love he shared on earth.


Love Francine

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