For every road we've traveled
For all our heart's delight
Your heart remains forever
Within our friendship's light
No thought of word forgotten
No smile that I won't see
For you live on endlessly
For love does naturally
The years remain in treasures
Your soul my sweet refrain
Each moment I remember
I hear your laugh again
Flowers fill a landscape
With beauty I can see
Friendship is the glory
Of all this life for me
For you were like the flower
With colors soft and warm
No color can escape me
It's beauty in each dawn
Time goes on without you
But you still have a part
Of every whispered memory
I've gathered in my heart
So walk in greener pastures
With flowers that abound
Knowing that your always here
With petals that surround
Hours spent within this life
Are moments I have saved
For every minute we have shared
Upon my heart engraved.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 29, 2004


Pictured above Jo Ella and Jannie who had been
friends for over 25 years since both their children were
 in Kindergarten and they both were homeroom mothers.

They had many things in life that were common, little
things that seem to tie people together for life. One
of them was their wedding anniversaries on May 25,
1974. Her sons birthday August 23 was also Jannie's
middle sons birthday. Things like this in life seem to make
friends realize common grounds and find reasons to know
 that they were put together for some higher reason.

Jo Ella died on December 27, 2004 of colon cancer. She
left behind her husband and a son from her previous  marriage.

Jo Ella and Jannie spent many special moments together
in life and her spirit lives on in her friend, today and always.

If you would like to contact Jannie, e mail her at

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Midi Entitled "Jesse's Song" by Roger Needham

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