No matter where in life we go
Your beauty gives a gentle glow
Within the treasures of our heart
Our love for you will never part
Throughout the years of life we share
The love you gave is always there
With memories of happy endings
Within the times of sorrow mending
You gave so much within this life
To carry us and ease the strife
No day will pass when we won't say
The joy you gave forever stays
Your chair is empty yes it's true
But in our souls we carry you
Your footsteps that are left behind
Within our life forever binds
Within the Garden of God's Love
Your joy is blest now up above
In floral breezes that we share
Your Angel wings are always there
We miss you and we love you so
That's the one thing that we know
Our Mother's Heart will always glow
Within the ones whose love now flows
Memories shall always last
Within the precious times of past
When love was given with such grace
Within the treasures we embrace
So fly now on a golden wing
As Angels all around you sing
The love you left upon the earth
It carries on with greatest worth.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 8, 2004


Iris Marie Doublin lost her battle after a valiant

struggle with cancer on June 14, 2004.

She leaves behind a daughter and son and

five grandchildren. If you would like to contact

her daughter just click on the e mail below.

We offer them our deep expressions of

sympathy and love in the loss of this wonderful

woman whom they adored so much.

Click here to write to offer condolences.


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