Danielle's First Heavenly Christmas


Christmas surrounds us

Our heart's are on fire

Our thoughts now with you

With heartfelt desire

We miss you and love you

As snow starts to fall

When trees are perfected

With glitter for all

Time to remember

All we've been through

Days filled with laughter

Yet tears falling too

We think of you daily

We offer a prayer

That God now protects you

With love and great care

Ornaments surround us

With sparkle and gleam

Each one a memento

Of every sweet dream

Love is forever

When we speak your name

Memories glisten

In heart's sweet refrain

You never will leave us

Your spirit remains

Your laughter now echoes

Through joy life sustains

Time is forever

But we are all near

Captured in beauty

Of hours revered

We look to the sky

We see you smile down

The face of our Angel

Now gloriously crowned.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright December 15, 2007

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