The heart of life's own bounty

The love in life is there

An Angel now to guard us

With every hope we share

The eye is on the sparrow

That flies so sweet and free

A testament to glory

For love will always be

Within the heart of beauty

That carries on through life

Each moment every hour

Her love our pure delight

In life we gather rainbows

Remembering the rain

We hold on with a purpose

So love will still remain

We capture all the moments

We tuck them in place

Where we can always go to

To bring forth love's sweet face



No time in life is lost now

For moments that we share

Are treasures that we gather

That give our heart's repair

Look beyond horizon

To see the light that's there

A glimpse of heaven's wonder

Through miracles we share

Yes Danielle is still with us

Her spirit never leaves

For she was but the bounty

Of life's most precious creed

The smile that lasts forever

The laughter we all knew

Her eyes that twinkled brightly

They are a part of you

An Angel on the Inside

That shares her heart so free

There in all her glory

Sweet Danielle's memory.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright July 18, 2007

Danielle Kelly Helmer of Canada  passed away on June 22, 2007

in the arms of her mother during her last moments of life. She was

diagnosed with small cell cancer several months before and gave

her all in the fight for life, as she had done throughout her years.


Danielle, went to Columneetza High School in Williams

Lake, British Columbia, Canada. They gave her an

Honorary Graduate degree this year and next year her Mom

Kelly will walk on the stage and receive Danielle's graduation

diploma. The school's  principal was told one of her dreams

was to graduate so that she could go to Hockey school. The

principal said that she would have that dream and that he

would make that happen. So that wish has been granted.



Danielle had many friends and people who rallied around her during this time.

In words of her Auntie and Godmother Joanne, who wrote and told me that

Danielle passed she offered some words that I will share with you all.

The picture below is Danielle with her most beloved Auntie Jo, tenderly

kissing her and showing the love that was always there between them.



"Danielle loved life...she did well at everything that she set her mind to.

She had to miss the hockey trials for the BC Games because she got sick,

but we all knew that she would make the team. And she did ... She floated on

the ice and could stop on a dime. She just excelled on ice and knew the

true meaning of the game, and shared with the glory of getting a goal

or an assist. She was always chosen for the MVP (most valuable player).

People were amazed when she played Rugby, as that is such a rough sport,

but then, so is hockey. She was tiny 4' 11.5 but was a powerhouse."




Her heart and soul forever
With Danielle in her arms
The peace of love that gathers
To rest the heart upon
The memories are gathered
In hours of the past
The moment of creation
The love was sure to last
And so they are together
In spirit and in song
For memories created
Shall last a whole life long.
~ Francine Pucillo ~


Pictured above is Kelly, with her precious newborn Danielle, lovingly

holding on to her Mom. A bond like this is never broken.


Danielle and her Mom had a special loving relationship. Her Mom Kelly was so

proud of her, and loved her more than words could ever say. No matter what

they always shared those special words "I Love You"

In the hospital before she passed, she stood up one day and just hugged

her Mom and said "I Love You" ... Mom was by her side every moment

of the day, and at night they cuddled.



Above is Danielle shaving Kyla's  hair. The whole town got into the act

after Danielle was diagnosed with cancer and shaved their heads

as a special tribute to their loyalty and love of Danielle. Danielle

participated in the shavings of some heads as she did above with Kyla.


Danielle had a boyfriend and they cared for each other a great deal.

He was with her to the very end and sat in the room with her.

When he walked into the room her eyes would light up and she

sat up when she could. He is a biker and is doing a special helmet

in honor of Danielle so that he can carry it through his career

and ride with her spirit through his life. Most of all Danielle

had a lot of friends who were there for her and who she was there for.


She had a special bond and closeness to her beloved

Nana who is pictured below with Danielle. Nana and Danielle

shared many happy times together through life. Nana gets the

chance to place a loving kiss on her sweet Danielle.



Danielle's services were held at The Sacred Heart Catholic

church, the foyer and portions of the outside areas, were packed to

capacity as the community gathered to remember Danielle on

June 26. She is survived by her Mom Kelly, her Dad Ron,

her step-father Dan, sister Khyla, brothers Ronnie

and Tyler, her Auntie and Godmother Joanne

"Auntie Jo;" Nana, Mary  Warwaruk and of course many many friends.


Andre Chevigny gave Danielle's eulogy and mentioned that

people often have famous heroes in this world, be they singers,

actors or whatever. However, he would continue and described

Danielle Helmer as his "real life hero!"




by Francine Pucillo


To say that Danielle was able to meet her goals in her short life

has to be a monumental statement, for I do believe that at the age

of sixteen that Danielle achieved so much in life regarding how

one lives life to it's fullest. How one accepts what is given and how

one uses that time is extremely important. From what I can see

and what I have read, Danielle was the quintessential "Canadian

Girl" with so much love to give that it poured back into

her life and overflowed on all those who surrounded her.


I was so moved by Danielle's story and so touched by Danielle's

heart. I know how difficult it is to lose those that we love so much.

The part of us that is left has to go on and it is not an easy task.

We surely want those hours and moments back in our life and we

want to hear the laughter and see the future for everyone that we love.


To her family and friends I say without a doubt that you will

carry this special heart with you always. You will remember the

laughter, the twinkle in her eye and most of all the beauty of

her heart. What a wonderful legacy Danielle has left for all of

you to share in life. What a beautiful statement she made in life,

through her actions, through her caring and through her love.


I know that as you move on during the difficult days that the

rainbow that Danielle has created for you from the rain that

fell on her will create such magnificent colors that will be

embedded in your hearts and minds always.


Her goals on earth were accomplished and I say that with

every bit of confidence. She was truly the "heart that inspires";

a song that was sung, a flower that bloomed, and most of

all the love that was given that will always be remembered.


May you walk in her footsteps each day creating a bond on

this earth and will always show that Danielle was here and

that through you all her life will always go on.


God Bless you All


Love Francine

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