Within our life of treasuries
Our hearts are filled with memories
Of every hour she was here
The love we feel is always near
Our little girl with smile so bright
Who filled our hearts with such delight
Your essence here on earth will be
A joy that lives on endlessly
Our Angel born of golden wing
What lovely breezes you now bring
Upon the earth a floral scent
In every wind that compliments
The beauty of the heart we know
An Angel with a gentle glow
You live on through all the hours
Within the fields of fragrant flowers
Our hearts are joined with love we share
Each moment precious as a prayer
So look upon us and we'll see
The love you're sending constantly
Fly my child of gentle wing
Within the stars so bright you bring
Twinkling on us through the night
Knowing you are in God's Light
Hands all clasped with love and pride
Holding love that will reside
Forever more her heart will live
In constant joy that she did give
With special wings that fly so high
Within the glory of God's eye
Sending down her love to share
Alexandria whispers I am there.
~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright June 1, 2004


Alexandria passed away last year at the age of nine
 and a half, after a two year plus battle with leukemia.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
At the time of her passing she was holding three
things she wanted to be holding as she left this earth,
her Mommy's hand, her Daddy's hand and her
favorite magical unicorn, Moonbeam.
If you wish to contact her family you can do so
by e mailing her Mom at the following e mail address.


Visit Alexandria's Angels Here




Midi "In The Arms Of The Angels" by Sarah McGlocklin

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