In peaceful gentle season
Our Spring of life appears
With love that's all consuming
It chases all our fears

The soft sweet scent of flowers
That gather in the breeze
It fills the heart with gladness
Comforts soul with ease

Within this special season
When love was in the air
A moment in a blessing
Our Lord was there to share

Within His Hand a bouquet
Of flowers sweet with dew
Handed to His special child
He whispered "These For You"



Her heart was filled with sunshine
The pain no longer there
Her spirit filled with beauty
Her heart was filled with prayer

Standing at the steps now
Of chapel in the sky
With stained glass ever sparkling
With light as she walks by

Her life a stained glass window
Where sun in life streamed through
But when the darkness set in
Her light was there for you

Her journey now is over
Her light of love still glows
For she is in her season
Where warmth and love will flow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 22, 2004

Aldene, 37 left this life on April 25, 2004 after a long and
courageous battle with breast cancer. She was first diagnosed

 in May of 2000. She left a mark on those who she left behind. She

filled her life with caring and concern for others.

Aldene worked at Beth Israel Hospital where she was a manager

 for the admitting department. She was only one semester away

 from achieving her Masters in Business Administration.

She said that she would pass this life in the spring and so
she did on April 25th. She loved the Spring and the flowers
of the season. She was a gentle soul with a loving heart.

She has left many who she loved in life to deal with her passing,

but in each of their hearts they hold a little piece of her breath of

Spring that she emanated in her life. She will be missed always.


She particularly loved the words of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross:

"People are like stained glass windows ~
the true beauty can be seen only when there
is a light from within. The darker the night,
the brighter the windows."
©Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I believe that words like this describes the kind of special
gift she was to life. I pray for those who miss and love her
and know that she shall always remain a part of their life.

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