~ Until There's A Cure ~

Until there's a cure
No circle is complete
A tribute made to all those
Who suffered such defeat

Precious Silver and bright Gold
Is what you now can wear
A ribbon in their memory
These tributes we will share

Hope for special people
Afflicted with this pain
A cure for ravaged bodies
The softness of sweet rain

This gift I have been given
Craig's heart forever reigns
A picture of his smile
Forever love sustained

Half circle of a  bracelet
For now not so complete
But cure for our tomorrow
The full circle so unique

For we must all be champions
To honor this great fight
To make sure that circle
With unending love unites

Love will fill your lonely nights
With memories so warm
The ravages Aids has caused
Will vanish like life's storms

We must find a cure
To honor those who've passed
So then we can be proud of
Sweet victory at last.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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