~ Be Not Afraid ~

Be not afraid
I am by your side
Lifting you up
 With honor and pride

Suffer no more child
Your life now with me
Free of all pain
God's joy endlessly

Come see Magnificence
Mountains and lakes
Flowers that cascade
Like delicate lace

Roses so royal
Touched with sweet dew
These are the gifts that
 My Love grants to you

Your struggle now over
Now for your reward
A place in My heaven
Sweet angels adored

A folded red ribbon
You wore in your fight
I give you a medal
You'll wear in new life

With gold and with rubies
A ribbon that shines
For world down below
Reflects sunsets divine

No battle was lost
As you rise up above
Just legions of angels
To honor with love.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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