~ First Anniversary In Heaven ~
~ Craig Robert Whitton ~
~ Twenty Fifth of June ~

He walks within this garden now
His wondrous place called home
With flowers blooming everywhere
On path of love Craig roams

Upon the threshold of this life
His journey reached its end
Within new home with gentle glow
The cottage 'round the bend

Magnificence to fill his dreams
Where gentle streams abound
Sparkling now with so much love
Like precious diamonds found

With love he gathers sweet bouquet
Of flowers in the fields
With joy to family and all friends
His joyfulness now yields

For he has found his special place
Where love will just increase
Home that Jesus gave to him
Where he now finds great peace

Right beyond sweet heaven's gate
His home beyond all dreams
He walks in garden filled with life
Blessed with crystal streams

Smiling like he always did
When he walked in a room
Laughter fills this place he loves
So life for him resumes

Remembrances of love you see
Like flowers scent a room
Within our hearts in memory 
His precious love shall bloom.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Midi Entitled "Glow"


Painting by: ©James C. Behlen, Jr., Entitled "Francine's Velvet"

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