Sitting on my puffy cloud
The one that's filled with snow
Looking down on all I love
With heaven's peaceful glow

Want you to be happy
On this Christmas day
Knowing that you miss me
My love will always stay

Angels now are busy
Wings are everywhere
Life in heaven wonderful
Always I am near

Hear a bell on Christmas day
It has a special ring
Know that it's a special gift
It's laughter I will bring

Memories of Christmas past
Keep them in your heart
Know that I am at my best
With wings that never part

Standing right beside you
With wings that span so wide
Covering you with so much love
You're beauty at my side

Every prayer you whisper
Comes with special glow
Know that I am with you
Everywhere you go

So this now my first Christmas
With special golden wings
Smiling down on loved ones
My soul forever sings

I'll send a special Halo
To shine above you all
With peace and love my memory
Covers you with shawl.

~ Francine Pucillo ~



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