Upon the earth she left you
But in your heart she stays
Your little princess sees you
She's never far away

She knows that you will miss her
Her heart so filled with love
Watching from a special place
God gave her up above

Little wings to guard you
She's always by your side
A kiss upon your pillow
She wipes the tears you cried

Her little hand upon you
While waking or asleep
This her special promise
The one that she will keep

Her little spirit lives on
With love so deep within
You will always have her
Remembrances begin

Never will she leave you
You wear her on your heart
Gift of life a treasury
This little one imparts

Wings are right beside you
She'll help along the way
No day without Samantha
Forever she will stay

Love can fill an ocean
Or calm a raging sea
Samantha's always smiling
Loving constantly.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 20, 2002


Midi Entitled "Vole (Fly)" by Celine Dion

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