In Memory of

Samantha Runnion

Born July 26, 1996 ~ Murdered July 15, 2002


Precious little angel
Has left the earth today
Her innocence was taken
Her body thrown away

What kind of beast is lurking
Within this world today
That kills a little baby
Whose joy it is to play

This beast of life our burden
That seeks out what is pure
Five years on this precious earth
Her death we now endure

Such sadness is upon us
Such hate within the heart
How can we heal this horror
When will this demon part

Our children are so precious
How can we keep them safe
What lurks behind that evil mind
That pours forth such disgrace

The enemy among us
We all must be aware
So sad to tell our children
No safety any where

For out of this comes learning
We must let them know
Each flower that is beautiful
Must have a chance to grow

So let them know you love them
Watch them with great care
Honesty although with fear
Is wisdom you must share.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 19, 2002

Midi "Tears On A Rose" by Élan Michaels

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