Little one of beauty
You surely found a way
So bravely you did honor
Your special friend this day

Although you were so frightened
You did all that you could
Helping those to find the way
Your courage understood

So bright and smart and pretty
That's surely what you are
Samantha's always near you
With love her wings not far

For you are now our hero
Although you're just a child
Wise beyond your years on earth
So many filled with pride

Knowing that with growing up
These memories might stay
Remembrances of horror
They may not pass away

Remember you are special
A friend with love so rare
Each day in life a special gift
The love a child did share

So when we think of Sarah
We all will think and smile
Your beauty it will always be
The joy of life worthwhile

Grow up strong and beautiful
With love beyond compare
Samantha's always next to you
Her wings the gift she'll share.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright July 20, 2002

This page dedicated to Sarah, Samantha's little friend who bravely
did all the right things to help those find and bring Samantha home.
This little child of five is such a great hero to her friend Samantha.
Please pray that she feels the peace of knowing that she truly
was a hero, no matter the outcome of this terrible ordeal
Sarah is indeed a very special little girl. We thank you Sarah.



Midi Entitled "Friends" by Michael W. Smith


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