Dedicated to all the men and women of the
Orange County Sheriff's Department
And all those special law enforcement
officers who came together for the sake of
a child who became their own.


Sheriff Michael Corona

In tribute to the many
Who sacrifice each day
No fear of any obstacle
So gallant their display

In life we need those heroes
Who have no fear to tread
Upon the flight of evil
They gather every thread

With glory and such honor
They stand for what is right
They have no problem showing
Their hearts will all unite

Sometimes in life a stranger
Who stands out in a crowd
Those of so much courage
Who make us feel so proud

They ask the help of others
To join them in a quest
Humility with honor
Each minute without rest

In life each special person
You hope will come your way
Today we met courageous ones
Their memory will stay

With eyes all filled with sorrow
With tears held back with force
Hearts displayed for all to see
Great reverence in their course

Such valor we have witnessed
As tears fall to the ground
Samantha belongs to everyone
Her heart and soul now bound.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright July 20, 2002

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