Your coming home to live with Me
My heart is where you now will be
Your Mom and Dad will not be here
But love will be their constant prayer
For in the sky the light will show
The lovely place where Halo's glow
With angel wings of special kind
Revealing love that is Divine
Your little wings they touch My Heart
Your time on earth not meant a part
Of all the love that you will share
Within their hearts your always near
Flying in the blue crisp sky
Watching them as years go by
You have a special gift from Me
Your love to share eternally
You will meet them once again
Your hearts will join in unison
For all the Angels you have lost
Within this sky your paths will cross
So when the sky is filled with light
When stars are twinkling in the night
These your babies in the sky
Protecting you as days go by.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 9, 2007
In Memory of all babies lost
prematurely in life. But who live
forever in your hearts and will always
be there watching over you.




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Song Title "You're Coming Home"

Original Composition by Heatherli (Susan) Giffen

Obtained From Laura's Midi Heaven


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