~ Remembrances ~

When someone who we care for
 Has left us in this life
We feel the pain of grief each day
 Hearts are filled with strife

The emptiness we feel within 
We think won't go away
As the days turn into years 
The heart does find a way

Remembering the beauty of
 This special life we lost
The joy of what they meant to us 
How much this sadness cost

We turn around and see their love 
With any given sign
A word they said the smile they wore
These memories combined

Remembering the beauty 
Will keep them always near
Following the path they took
 Their footsteps we will hear

Forever in this special place
The path will always show
A special means to peacefulness
A road where love will go

See the beauty in this peace 
Keep the light aglow
Every night before you sleep
Their heart is your rainbow.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002



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