Blessings from the heaven's glow
The wings that reach for me
Beauty in the majesty
For all the love I see

Close my eyes in silent prayer
I know that you are near
Wings that span across the sky
My eyes now see so clear

See your youth and beauty now
The heavens now your home
Traces of your heart is here
Together yet alone

I hear you as you whisper soft
I'm always by your side
Watching you so closely now
My heart with you resides

Saw you weep today my love
Do not weep for me
I'll touch you with my tenderness
My soul now burden free

Flying in the world of love
Each breeze a kiss I send
Knowing deep within my heart
One day we'll meet again.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002


Midi Entitled " Encircling Wind " by


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