Moments in time

My life meant to share
Since moment of birth
My love always there

Each walk now has been
Sweet moment divine
I gaze through my life
Captured in time

My heart feels the joy of
 Mom's gentle arms
The joy when my Daddy
 Would tease with his charms

The days of my make believe
Have now all come true
Realizing quickly
How time really flew

The day of my wedding
The gown that I wore
A gentle wave pouring
As we walked to our door

The life that we shared
The beauty received
Has all come together
 In memories retrieved

Wait for me darling
I walk now with you
Two hearts born together
In love that was true

Our Autumn of life
I breathe fresh sweet air
No moment in time
In life can compare

No dreams of my life
I shared without you
These moments I treasure
Now fade in the blue.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002



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