~ My Grandma ~

She slipped away so silently
We never said good-byes
I miss her smile and beauty
The twinkle in her eyes

So gentle and so loving
My Grandma was to me
So sweet and so soft spoken
A heart for all to see

I miss her gentle laughter
Her very tender touch
Always knew just what to say
When things in life were rough

She went to join my Grandpa
She missed him every day
Always said she'd see him
It happened just that way

Before she passed she reach out
She seemed to grab someone
I know it was my Grandpa
Her new life has begun

My memories are gathered
In golden treasury
A little piece of Grandma
Forever there for me

Thanks for all the lessons
You taught me very well
For me there is great meaning
It's your love I have held

You'll always be my Grandma
The one who loved me so
Now you are in heaven
With brightest gold halo.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999-2003

Music is entitled " Every Night " by   Bruce DeBoer

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