Gentle whispers love is there
Falling like a special prayer
Hearts of beauty all around
Cascading love is always bound

Wings of love are now in place
Protecting hearts with sacred lace
Gentle souls that never rest
Keep our hearts and spirits blessed

Cling to me with tenderness
Wings of love and happiness
Captured are these wings for me
Wrapped within mortality

Whispers echo everywhere
God's own love in beauty rare
Angel's lacy wings I see
Caressed in love so constantly

Precious wings of lace I wear
Touched by love beyond compare
Whispers in this soul of mine
Echoes of my life divined

Softest whispers next to me
Now and for eternity
Sacredness that I embrace
Whispers sealed in heaven's grace.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002

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