Remembering with laughter
The smile upon your face
The precious love you gave us
Sweet memories of lace 

The years in life we held you
The joy you gave so free
Life for you has now begun
God's angel you will be

Remember what we taught you
While you are on this earth
Be good and kind and gentle
The essence of great worth

Now you are in heaven
An angel so adored
Because of all these lessons
God's Halo your reward

Forever we will miss you
As you roam the sky above
Filled with fun and laughter
The product of our love

Sunshine in sweet meadows
Rainbows with no end
Echoes of great laughter
With love our hearts do blend

Eternally I'm grateful
For palace that you roam
A most palatial gift of love
That you can call your home

Send my love to Jesus
Tell Him we're okay
Now we know our baby is
A soul to which we pray

Remember when our time comes
To share the love you've known
Heaven's sweetest chimes will ring
Our baby brought us home.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002



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