Reached the gates of heaven
Gentle Angel there
Gathering her children
In quiet peaceful prayer

All these souls have entered
Babies now in flight
Enter gates of heaven
Journey into light
As they enter heaven
Each one will appear
Youth and ageless beauty
Most magnificent premier

Special hearts are gathered
Families filled with pride
Waiting for their loved ones
As heaven's train arrives

Love to fill the magic
Of beauty in the sky
Everyone so filled with joy
All hearts will now reside

Castles filled with beauty
Gardens of heirlooms
So you will know the entrance
Where life will now resume

Friends and family gather
Before you glorious feast
God will come to dinner
Souls have found their peace.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 1999-2003



Music is entitled " Poe'me " by Secret Garden
CD Title is "White Stones" on Phillips label

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