Come take My Hand 
I'm reaching for you
With Love that is endless 
With Heart that is true

Be not afraid 
I am by your side
Lifting you up 
With honor and pride

Suffer no more 
Your life now with Me
Free of all pain 
My Love endlessly

Come see magnificence
Mountains and lakes
Flowers that cascade
Like delicate lace

Roses so royal 
Touched with sweet dew
My children I give this
Forever to you

Your struggle now over 
Now this your reward
A place in my Heaven
With angles adored

Wings that are special
With halo that shines
I give you this beauty
Sweet life so divine

I offer my Hand 
To lift you with care
The beauty of soaring
Like doves in midair

No battle was lost 
As your rise to the sky
Just legions of angels 
Will bow from on high.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2002

Midi Entitled " Sweet One " by

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