Upon my knees I say a prayer
Whisper words for God to hear
I ask Him to be my Guiding Light
To always make me do things right

I ask the angels so aware
To intercede with special prayer
Lift us up when we are down
Softly wrap their wings around

As years go by and days are long
We seek God's Love in all life's storms
We ask Him in the darkest night
Shine His guiding peaceful Light

For today without a thought
Of what we ask or what we sought
I praise Him for the glory known
His Wisdom from His Heavenly Throne

To teach us to be good and kind
To love and touch us all Divined
That we may bring a smile to share
On all His children everywhere

This my prayer I ask above
That we all join in Peace and Love
Bow my head in reverent prayer
Special Touch of God is there.

Francine Pucillo







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