Stepped within His Garden
Bowed my head in prayer
Saw His Light above me
Such Majesty was there

Light illuminating
Deep within my soul
Felt His Heart enfold me
His Beauty made me whole

Waves of deep devotion
In all things I could see
Saw His Sweet Reflection
Smiling back at me

Garden of Devotion
Filled with love so rare
Heard His angels singing
In breezes everywhere

Peace of Love has entered
Within this weary mind
Touched by love's emotion
Life's miracle divined

Every part of nature
Evokes a blessed prayer
Weeping willow swaying
Softness in the air

Roses made of velvet
Touched by morning dew
Most fragrant of His blessings
Wrapped in silk for you

 Colors of a rainbow
That fill an azure sky
Touch of pink for comfort
His Love is passing by.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright August 2002



Midi "Tears On A Rose" by Élan Michaels

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